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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many units can I order?

A: There is a limit of 20 units per person or company for distribution purpose. By submitting an order you can select 20 of each unit available totaling 60 units. Additionally PSU and Hash boards can be ordered with a limit of 20 PSU and 10 Hash boards for each unit.

Q: When do I receive my order?

A: First batch shipment will start 25th November to 18th December. The transit time should take between 7 and 25 days not counting with customs delays. The units will be shipped on a First pay, first served rule.

Q: How many units will be available?

A: We will have limited delivery of 1500 units per model per batch. All batches will have a minimum interval of 5 months between release.

Q: Can I make a bank wire payment?

A: No, we only accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash as a payment method.

Q: Can I overclock my mining unit?

A: Yes, by overclocking your unit you will achieve up to 25% more hash power, this will, however, void your warranty.

Q: Can I use aftermarket PSU?

A: Yes, however, our PSU are built-in and modified for ease of maintenance. This means, by using an original PSU you only need to change the PSU mainboard without touching the connections. By using an aftermarket unit all connections have to be modified thus voiding the warranty.

Q: Can I repair my unit in case of malfunction?

A: Yes, by contacting Xtract Tech support we will grant you support to repair your unit (PSU and Hash boards) without voiding the warranty.