Returns & Refunds

Orders are final and non-refundable with some exceptions stated in this Agreement.
Cancelation of orders based on Cryptocurrency price fluctuations are not accepted.
Cancelation of orders and refund are possible solely if the product can be sold to another client. Even in this case, a 10% penalty is applied over the price initially payed.
Order cancelation after shipment is not accepted.
The return of the product is not accepted with some exceptions stated in this Agreement.
Returns are possible at the client’s expense (shipping) if a defect product is received.
We are not liable for damaged goods or lost in transit to our facilities. In these cases, we are not to be hold accountable for the client’s losses and the transportation company policies apply.
Returns are accepted if (1) The product does not function; (2) The product consumes 12% more electricity than stated in the product specifications; (3) The product hash power is 12% lower than stated in the product specifications.
If these issues are detected, contact with the tech support must be taken within the first 24 hours of running the unit or the client may lose the right to return the equipment with full refund.
All claims are to be made with including the status report or these may be dismissed.
All issues above must be discussed with tech support before returning the product. A return / repair ticket must be issued before returning the product.
Client may choose to receive a new product to replace the malfunctioning unit or be refunded with a 10% penalty over the price initially payed.
Refunds are made on basis of value of the coin used for payment in USD. If the product was ordered and payed with (example) 1BTC valued at 4,000 USD and 1 month later the product is returned and a refund is agreed to with the BTC price at 8,000 USD, the client will be refunded 0.5 BTC.
Products, upon arrival at our installations, will be inspected by our technicians. If the product shows sign of humidity, corrosion, hardware manipulation, overclocking, under or overvolting the refund will be refused. Any manipulation of the hardware or software will void the warranty immediately and the refund or replacement unit will be revoked.
When a return occurs and the unit is not identified as a faulty unit, the client is obliged to pay shipping costs to return the unit plus our technician’s hourly wage.
Refunds are accepted if the shipping delays more than 30 days over the date stated by Xtract Tech.
Refunds may take up to 90 days to process.